Synergistic Healthcare Solutions

Working from the root source, empowering you to achieve your own wellbeing goals

Sharon is a Medical Herbalist currently running two successful practices in Bedford.  She holds a First-Class BSc (hons) in Medical Herbalism from the University of Westminster, as well as qualifications in both the Fitness and Diet & Nutrition fields. She is also a fully qualified HeartMath Practitioner and is currently training in Functional Medicine.

Maintaining a focus on preventative and synergistic healthcare solutions from a Functional Medicine perspective, rather than ill health management, Sharon's treatment objectives draw from each of these fields of expertise to formulate person-centred, integrated health plans. Whilst she provides personalised plant-based medical prescriptions to patients where needed, Sharon's primary approaches to treatment are based on providing the tools, guidance and support her clients need to create their own, more natural and nourishing lifestyles that their health will thrive in.

Offering this through coaching in her clinics, work-shops and talks, she is happy to see not only patients with specific health needs, but also those requiring dietary or lifestyle support to make beneficial life-long changes.

So that you can be satisfied her skills and abilities are regularly refreshed with the latest updates and information relevant to each area of care practiced, Sharon also chooses to register with some of the leading governing bodies in Medical Herbalism and Natural Healthcare.  These include the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the Association for Naturopathic Practitioners and the General Naturopathic Council.