Consultation Fees

Not sure whether your condition is something we can help you with?  Give us a call!  We provide a free 10 minute telephone consultation to help you decide whether our treatment process is right for you.
  • Initial Consultation - lasting 1 hour to 1.5 hours                       £65
  • Follow-Up Consultation - up to 40 minutes                      £40
  • Telephone Consultation* - up to 20 minutes                            £15 
* telephone consultations are only available for certain conditions after an initial consultation
All appointment cancellations must be made with 3 days notice, otherwise full costs may be chargeable. 

Tailored Medical Prescription Fees

  • Tincture Prescriptions - 105ml (1 weeks worth)   £8.50
  • Dried Herb Prescription - 1 weeks worth         £8.50
  • Prescription Cream - 30g (larger quantities available) £5
  • Repeat Prescription Fee*             £10**
*available for stable conditions without the need for a consultation - you can order up to 3 months prescription at a time
**repeat prescription fee is a one-off fee each time a prescription is re-ordered without a consultation- this is in addition to the Tincture charge noted above 

Your prescription plan may require the use of several different forms of medicine, but this will be discussed and agreed with you in advance.  

If your condition is stable and you require longer term prescriptions, you can re-order up to 3 months prescription at a time without a consultation.  These are only available once a full consultation and assessment has taken place.
Postage - All prescriptions will be posted out to you unless alternative arrangements have been confirmed. Associated costs are:

  • £4.45 up to 1kg
  • £6.50 up to 2kg

Additional Testing Available:

  Where required, the following tests can also be provided:

  • Vitamin D                     £27
  • Food allergy**                 £155-£390
**Includes 30 minute follow-up appointment & written feedback of results and recommendations
These tests can be ordered as stand-alone tests or as part of your 
tailored treatment plan, which will be discussed with you as part of your initial consultation.  Some tests may require phlebotomy services which may incur a further charge, separate to the above.