Welcome to Your Soul Source

Utilising a combined approach of Medical Herbalism, Exercise, 

Dietary and Nutritional Education and Lifestyle Coaching, 

we strive to provide 

Synergistic Healthcare Solutions to 

support you in

realising and achieving your well-being goals

Maintaining a focus on preventative and synergistic healthcare solutions rather than ill health management, the treatment objectives offered at Soul Source draw from our expertise in these fields to formulate person-centered, integrated, health plans 

Whilst we do still prescribe personalised plant-based medicines to patients where needed, our primary approaches to treatment are based on providing the tools, guidance and support our patients need to create their own, more natural and nourishing lifestyles, that their health will thrive in. 

Offering this through coaching in our clinics, work-shops and talks, we are happy to accept not only patients with specific health needs, but also those requiring dietary or lifestyle support to make beneficial life-long changes. 

Synergistic Healthcare Solutions - working from the root source, empowering you to achieve your own well-being goals.

"A Passion for Assisting People to Fulfill their Own Health Goals"