Plant-Based Medicinal Prescriptions

Whilst we primarily base our treatment approaches on prevention techniques and lifestyle practices, some patients will require the use of a medicinal prescription to either enhance their treatment programme, or to offer interim relief of a health condition whilst implementing longer-term strategies.  

As our prescriptions are formulated from plant-based medicine, these support our ethos of synergy, as their mechanisms of action work in greater harmony with your body

If you require a medicinal prescription, it may be based on one or several of the below types of medicine.


Medicinal tinctures are usually comprised of several herbs preserved in an alcohol-base, that are researched and completely tailored to the patients needs. Tinctures utilise beneficial constituents extracted from plants that address either the specific ailment being treated, or its underlying root cause.

Dried Herbs

Dried herbs are usually taken as a tea, infusion or decoction.  This is made by the patient at home from a specifically mixed blend provided as part of your prescription.  Full instructions will be provided on how to correctly prepare it and can be especially useful for treatment of Irritable or Inflammatory Bowel Conditions


For treatments that require a topical prescription, a herbally infused cream will be prescribed based on the needs of the condition being treated.  These can be really beneficial for conditions where direct application of a prescription is needed, such as in bites and stings, or conditions such as Osteoarthritis. 

Where available, Sharon relies on the use of certified organic herbs to enhance the quality and benefit of the prescription.
Please be aware that you may require several weeks worth of prescription to take in between appointments or may involve more than one treatment type.  If you have any concern around this, please let us know.

Further information on herbs and their use in prescriptions can be found here