The Consultation Process - What to Expect

Initial Consultation

We will undertake a full medical, family, social and dietary history as well as thorough discussion on your presenting health condition.  This allows me to gain a full understanding of you as a person, along with any underlying mechanisms at work, which helps to provide me with all the information necessary to create a fully informed treatment, tailored specifically to your needs. 

Where necessary, clinical examinations may also be performed during the consultation, such as blood pressure, weight measure, chest or abdominal examination, for example, and these are similar to what you may experience with your doctor. 

We will then discuss your primary needs and formulate your personalised treatment based on those. 

This consultation can last between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes, depending on needs.

Follow-Up Consultation

A 40 minute Follow-Up appointment will be scheduled for approximately 3-4 weeks after you begin taking your initial prescription, created after your first consultation. During this consultation we will assess your treatment progress so far, allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to your personalised prescription if needed, and further discuss your treatment plan and any challenges you may have faced.

After this a further appointment is made, usually for around 3 months after your first Follow-Up consultation. It will assess your treatment progress so far and again provide further opportunity for any adjustments needed to your tailored prescription. We will also discuss any new challenges in your life that may have affected your health since your last consultation, and where necessary incorporate strategies for these into your treatment plan to ensure continued progress on your wellness journey.  This is usually a 30 minute consultation, but may last longer, dependent on your needs.

Should your treatment plan span further than this, you may be eligible to be moved onto a telephone consultation scheme, which reduces the need for you to physically attend the clinic, unless you would prefer to.  

All options are flexible though, and can be discussed at each stage of your treatment plan to find the best solution that fits you and your needs.