Prices & Booking Terms

Each consultation is payable via bank transfer upon receipt of an invoice, at least 4 days prior to your appointment date.
All prescriptions will be individually made up off-site and posted to you within a week of your appointment.  These must also be paid for in advance, upon receipt of an invoice.   As prescriptions are uniquely blended for each patient, they are non-refundable.


All appointment cancellations must be made with 3 days notice, otherwise full costs may be chargeable. 

  • Initial Consultation - lasting 1 hour to 1.5 hours                       £60
  • Follow-Up Consultation - up to 40 minutes                      £45
  • Follow-Up Consultation - up to 30 minutes                      £35
  • Telephone Consultation* - up to 30 minutes                            £20
  • Telephone Consultation* - up to 20 minutes                         £15 
* telephone consultations are only available for certain conditions after an initial consultation

Additional Testing Available

  Where required, the following tests can also be provided:

  • Vitamin D                     £27
  • Food allergy**                   £TBC
**Includes 30 minute follow-up appointment & written feedback of
results and recommendations
These tests can be ordered as stand-alone tests or as part of your 
tailored treatment plan, which will be discussed with you as part of
your initial consultation.

Tailored Medical Prescriptions

Let the sunshine in
  • Tincture Prescriptions - 105ml (1 weeks worth)      £8.50
Medicinal tincture usually comprised of several herbs that is researched and completely tailored to the patients needs, utilising constituents extracted from plants which are beneficial to the patient. Please be aware that you may need several weeks worth. Any concerns around this can be discussed with your consultant at the initial consultation.
  • Dried Herb Prescription - 1 weeks worth            £8.50
Prescription of dried herbs uniquely selected for medicinal constituents specifically for the patients needs. Dried herbs are usually taken as a tea or infusion which is made by the patient upon receipt of the prescription blended, dried herbs. Please note, several weeks worth may be required
  • Prescription Cream - 30g (larger quantities available)    £5
Medicinal cream based on specifically selected herbal constituents from plants for their beneficial properties for conditions that would benefit from the use of a cream instead of, or in addition to, dried herb or tincture prescriptions. Larger quantities may be ordered if your condition is stable and has been assessed by your medical herbalist.
  • Repeat Prescription Fee*                £10**
If your condition is stable and you require longer term prescriptions between annual consultations, you can re-order up to 3 months prescription at a time without a consultation. These are only available once a full consultation and assessment has taken place and done in agreement with the consultant.
*available for stable conditions without the need for a consultation - you can order up to 3 months prescription at a time
**repeat prescription fee is a one-off fee each time a prescription is re-ordered - this is in addition to the Tincture charge noted above
  • Postage
All prescriptions will be posted out to you via first class signed for service, unless alternative arrangements have been confirmed.  Associated costs are:
  • £4.45 up to 1kg
  • £6.50 up to 2kg